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Residential Roof Inspection

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Your roof is the first line of defense against weather and outside elements, you should have it inspected periodically by a trained roofing professional. A roof inspection by Galveston roofers gives you the opportunity to visualize the roof overall condition, longevity, and protection.

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Commercial Roof Inspection

When it comes to commercial roofing, Here’s what you should know:

Commercial roof inspection begins on the inside

A roofing contractor will begin the inspection of the roof from within the building. The idea is to follow the leak from the inside out – in order to find the source of the leak.

This makes sense because if you see water stains in one area, chances are the location straight above on your roof is a great idea of where water is entering the building.

It also makes sense to look at any structure on the roof that could be causing an issue such as an HVAC unit or similar equipment – this is something else to check to see if a leak starts near that space.

A commercial roof inspection: walking the roof

A professional roofing contractor will walk the roof of your commercial building to visually inspect any unusual circumstances. Some of the items to note might be:

Pooling water, cracks, uplifted or uneven seams, blisters, holes.

An inspection starts at the perimeter of the roof and works inward toward the middle. This is standard as the perimeter edges of your roof are more likely to cause problems than the interior. This method also insures that no part of the roof is overlooked.

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